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Brenda Lee Asp creates Indigenous inspired clothing, earrings, and accessories that have a modern twist on traditional shapes and styles. Products ranging from suit jackets, tops, skirts and shorts. Fit and flare tops, capris and pants, blazers, jackets, and jumpsuits. Finally, leather skin dresses and gowns, Brenda brings her Northern Tutchone and Tahltan cultures to life through the designs featured in her clothing lines. All clothing she produces uses materials such as silk, italian wool, velvet, cashmere, rabbit fur, bamboo suiting, leather, or spandex and features silk print designs with silk lining.




Brenda Lee Asp creates numerous different accessories for both men and woman. From silk ties, scarves and buffs-headwear she creates accessories that capture the Northern Tutchone and Tahltan cultures. She hand crafts jewelry with materials harvested from her communities, she uses such materials like porcupine quills that are naturally dyed, gun shell casings, birch bark and feathers. She also creates button blankets featured with Coast Art form lines and traditional designs.  




Story Capes

Every story cape Brenda creates has it’s own name and story. The flowers on the cape are, as explained by Brenda Lee Asp, the stories of her ancestors. The tiny triangles outside the flower represent the berries. The leaves represent the river systems travelled. The long dark parts in the middle of the petals represent the sun. The big circles inside the petals represent the buttons they used to trade. The small shapes with the dot inside them on the tips of the petals represent the salmon. Finally, the flowers centre represents animal skin.  

Reconciliation Cape featured at  Otahpiaaki 2017 .  (see  fashion shows )

Reconciliation Cape featured at Otahpiaaki 2017.
(see fashion shows)





Brenda Lee Asp creates custom made Northern Tutchone and Tahltan inspired mukluks, these mukluks feature custom artwork and beading. These mukluks are made with harvested materials such as leather, fur, and lace, and can feature custom silk print of custom beading designs.

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