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Brenda Lee Asp captures her family values, with foundational, cultural teachings to bring life to her pieces, made from unique, organic fabrics that feel good on the skin. Brenda Lee Asp produces each piece with pride, in doing so, her pride transfers to every final owner. From the matriarchal influences in her life, Brenda learned the importance of hard work, planning and precision, and utilizing the resources surrounding her.

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Slip on a drop of confidence

and walk with pride





Mind. Body. Spirit. Gifts.

Brenda Lee Asp creates Indigenous inspired apparel, earrings, and accessories that have a modern twist on traditional shapes and styles. Products ranging from suit jackets, tops, skirts and shorts. Fit and flare tops, capris and pants, blazers, jackets, and jumpsuits. Finally, leather skin dresses and gowns, Brenda brings her Northern Tutchone and Tahltan cultures to life through the designs featured in her clothing lines. All clothing she produces uses materials such as silk, italian wool, velvet, cashmere, rabbit fur, bamboo suiting, leather, or spandex and features silk print designs with silk lining.